Archaeological Dig in the Roman city of Aeclanum

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About This Project

The Roman city of Aeclanum lies beyond the shores of Naples, Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius, in inner Campania, which in antiquity constituted the southern part of Samnium. Archaeologists theorize there may have been an economic interdependence between the Campanian plains and the mountains of Samnium. This barely excavated site will allow us to understand its economy and its far reaching impacts. We will use archaeological field and lab techniques such a remote sensing and palaeobotany.

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What is the context of this research?

Aeclanum represents a perfect site to explore broader regional questions about trade between the mountains and coastal regions, not just because of its prime location in the Apennines, but also because it is almost entirely untouched archaeologically and has never been built over. It has a long history, stretching from the pre-Roman Samnite through to the early Medieval periods. Digging at Aeclanum will give me the opportunity to work on my first archaeological dig. I have aspirations of becoming a professional archaeologist however participation in a field school is crucial to any future archaeologist. The skills I will learn on this dig will be especially unique since we will be starting the dig fresh in a barely excavated site.

What is the significance of this project?

The Apolline Project has a special interest in Aeclanum and more broadly Halpernia because the environs of Vesuvius points to a certain economic interdependence between the Campanian plains and the mountains of Samnium, thus Aeclanum works as an ideal control test. Just as Pollena Trocchia fills in gaps of our knowledge by looking at the area north of Vesuvius and post-79 AD, Aeclanum also has much to contribute to our understanding of the wider region as a whole. It is a representative site for the region, and the conclusions we draw from its excavation could have far-reaching impacts. Aeclanum is a optimal site to study trade between the mountains and coastal regions.

What are the goals of the project?

The goals of this project are first a foremost to give me the tools and training in archaeology. My research will also enable me to find out what Acelanum’s relationship is to the wider region and answer questions on the theories of economic interdependence in the are. In addition I will have the opportunity to document my experience and share our findings and what a day of field work is like with the public.

With this project I want to help in answering the archaeological questions but I also want to be a beacon and educate any other aspiring archaeologists or documentary filmmakers interested in archaeology. Archaeology is a field shrouded in mystery with my participation in this field school I hope to give my peers a better idea of how archaeology works and what we do.


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My budget items will cover the cost of my transportation and housing in Italy.

The cost of flight to Italy is $800 us dollars and as time passes that cost seems to be going up. In addition to my flight cost, their is a small tuition cost for the tools I'll be learning in the field, this field work tuition is 400 euros. The 400 euros will cover my accommodations at Mirabella Eclano as well as my tuition. I will be responsible for my own food and water. Without your help I will not able to afford to go to the field school this fall, and will have to postpone my studies for another year. This initial funding will also allow me to start applying to research grants since I will have been a part of a excavation.

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Since I have known Isabel, she has been enthusiastic about archaeology and participated in every possible local event related to archaeology. I have been impressed by her knowledge of and facility with social media and look forward to working with her more in the future. This field school will help her to determine the focus of her interest in archaeology and make her a better candidate for graduate school once she enters.

Meet the Team

Isabel Dieppa
Isabel Dieppa

Isabel Dieppa

As a child I spent my time reading a book called "World Treasures". In this book was The Shroud of Turin, The Crystal Skull, and the Rosetta Stone, I was also a very big fan of the book 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Add to the mix the film Indiana Jones and you had a very adventurous imaginative child. I was fascinated with adventures and story telling. When I went off to college I attended Indiana University and studied both theater and anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology. Since I graduated in 2011 I have been debating what career to pursue until I finally realized I do best when I do both. After all what is archaeology, is it not telling the stories of the past? My journey to going to graduate school and becoming an archaeologist is still unfolding. I am currently the secretary of the Archaeological Institute of America Chicago chapter, the office coordinator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and I am writing a dance/play about our cultural understanding of body hair. I've contributed articles to and am hoping to write more articles and make some online documentaries about archaeology. In my ideal world I would get a masters degree in documentary filmmaking and a PhD in archaeology.

As a story teller and an aspiring archaeologist I seek to learn from the past so we can continue to build a bright future.

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