Can we adapt a common DVD drive to rapidly detect bacteria?

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Bacterial infections can be devastating to humans and animals. Preventing and treating them effectively requires rapid, reliable pathogen detection - in swab samples, fluids, etc. However, culture takes 24-48 hours, and rapid methods (e.g. PCR) are still too costly/complex for large-scale use. We have developed a rapid, inexpensive microbiology testing method using a common computer DVD drive. Tested it with microbeads; time-to-result = 1-2 minutes! Please help us validate it with a live strain.

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Rapid and easy bacteria detection is a higly actual problem of the modern medicine, particularly for the intrahospital infection management and correct antibiotic use. The presented technology looks like it can be a real method in the infection diagnostics, if successfully validated. Not just because of the rapid time to result, but also the potential cost reduction for equipment, materials, training, etc. I am looking forward to seeing the test results and I wish success to the Spin-Darc team!
I am excited to endorse Jeff & Janna's research project. Rapid identification of bacteria is a problem with a global impact, and this technology looks like an elegant and low-cost solution. I am particularly impressed that it uses an existing, off-the-shelf device. The project team is well equipped to carry out the R&D and the clinical testing, as well as, eventually, take this product to market. I wish them every success!

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