The Search For Beal's Treasure

Joe Bowen

This project ended on:
4 August 2013


Budget Overview

The budget will maintain the project's website for three years to allow enough time for innovation in the field of calculating for Beal's Conjecture. In crowd calculated projects, it often takes up to three years for the project to reach it's maximized computational potential. Improvements often come from the open source nature that can make great improvements in the efficiency of the end calculations, a larger user base, or a user base with newer hardware. Often a project can reach even greater potential, but after three years, the project should be self sustaining through donations.

Meet the Researcher


Joe Bowen (aka Captain Joe) was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1985. He grew up for most of his life in Lake Orion, MI. Eventually was able to reach the level of Eagle Scout and graduate high school in 2003. During college at Purdue University, Joe came down with a debilitating depression. Even with the illness, he was able to graduate in 2007 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering. He is very passionate about the study of computers and math. After much struggle through college and beyond, with the help of his beautiful wife Cassandra and many others, the Captain is here today to bring you along on his quest for Beal's Treasure. Due to his familiarity with mental illness, the Captain pledges a portion of the prize to mental health research.

Welcome Aboard Mateys! I'm your guide, Captain Joe, let me show you the way to Beal's Treasure, the proof that Beal's Conjecture is false.

Want to get involved? Check out our Beal's Treasure Finder 3.0 No Skills required!

You could even win a share of the Prize! (see the Prize page for more details)

Project Backers

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