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Tell me how I can help! I am 57, entrepreneur, engineer, farmer ... no cancer [if that's what what you are looking for in recruited patients] but definitely very interested! Need to find ways to adjust my personal lifestyle [to be a better example to others] AND our [main farming] business model ... for last 5 mo or so, I've been experimenting heavily, making an adjustment toward a intermittent/extended fasting lifestyle, or at least a Hofmelker undereating/overeating LCHF ketogenic muscle building [or at least maintenance] approach for an old man ... my attempt to become better informed is how I stumbled onto this particular effort ... and what you are doing is TRULY exciting, revolutionary stuff! I wish more people knew about your project ... I think more people could benefit from participating in or at least following this study and rethinking how science is typically done in America ... I missed out on the earlier crowdfunding campaign, but maybe there will others in the future -- I am VERY anxious to be of whatever assistance I can.
Jul 12, 2017
Part 2: Can low carbohydrate ketogenic diets inhibit cancers?
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