Michael John Thompson

Michael John Thompson

Graduate Student

School of Forest Science and Resource Management, TU Munich, Germany; Dept. of Socio-Economic Sciences, Research Inst. of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland

I am pursuing a MSc in Sustainable Resource Management at TU Munich (TUM) and a Certificate of Environmental Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU). I focus on agricultural and forestry land-use systems with special attention to socioecological factors. Alongside my studies, I work as a laboratory assistant at the German state research center for agriculture (LfL).

In 2011, I completed a BSc in mathematics and moved to Egypt, where I came into contact with community gardening. My collaboration led me to view agriculture as a tool to find common ground between individuals and across cultural landscapes. In 2012, I began a vocational farming program at a 'living-community' in Germany. I finished my apprenticeship in 2015, specializing in dairy, cattle breeding, cereals and potato production.

Both my research and personal endeavors are motivated by the potential that agriculture has to bring people together. I believe that this same potential can help us to rediscover our shared destiny with the natural environment. My long-term aim is to integrate social and ecological components into smallholder farm enterprises.

To read more about my experiences leading me to this specific research project, I have written a short autobiography here.

My CV, here.