27 hours to go!

Lab Note #1
Aug 26, 2014

Unless we get an extension, we only have 27 hours to go until the campaign ends. Please send out messages, tweets, etc to friends and colleagues to remind them of the project! We hope to revolutionize approaches to improving attention so people can pay attention to what is most important. 

Steve R. had some great programming ideas about having kids look at their "virtual desk" and taking a test to simulate real test-taking so kids can learn to pay better attention to the test, than the "virtual kids" talking to one another in the classroom.

Encourage your friends to donate $5 every time they hear an annoying text or tweet that is distracting them from getting their work done!

We want kids at school and during homework or physicians performing surgery to learn to attend to the important tasks, rather than irrelevant distractors.

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