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Experiment is an online platform for discovering, funding, and sharing scientific research.

We're based in New York City. We're a team of scientists, designers, and technologists passionate about helping ideas grow. Our mission is to democratize science.

Where does the most impactful science come from? What makes science beautiful? What if anyone could be a scientist? There are a lot of big questions in science, but these are the ones we ask.

Some science we've done

Chemokine Programming Dendritic Cell Antigen Response: Part I – Select Chemokine Programming of Antigen Uptake Even After Maturation

Sean J. Wu, Christopher B. Eiben, John H. Carra, Ivan Huang, David Zong, Peixian Liu, Cindy T. Wu, Jeff Nivala, Josef Dunbar, Tomas Huber, Jeffrey Senft, Rowena Schokman, Matthew D. Smith, Jeremy H. Mills, Arthur M. Friedlander, David Baker, and Justin B. Siegel


Improvement of a Potential Anthrax Therapeutic by Computational Protein Design

Jaehyung Park, Cindy T. Wu, James D. Bryers


The Xist lncRNA interacts directly with SHARP to silence transcription through HDAC3

Colleen A. McHugh Chun-Kan Chen Amy Chow Christine F. Surka Christina Tran Patrick McDonel Amy Pandya-Jones Mario Blanco Christina Burghard Annie Moradian Michael J. Sweredoski Alexander A. Shishkin Julia Su Eric S. Lander Sonja Hess Kathrin Plath Mitchell Guttman


Exploring the legacy of goat grazing: signatures of habitat fragmentation on genetic patterns of endemic weevil populations in Northern Isabela Island, Galápagos (Ecuador)

Andrea S. Sequeira , Courtney C. Stepien, Christina T. Tran, Austin Stuckert, Lázaro Roque Albelo, Weixia Guo


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