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About Us

Experiment is based in San Francisco, CA. We're researchers and scientists committed to helping ideas grow.

Denny Luan

Denny Luan

Curiosity has led Denny down some very different paths, involving race cars, anthrax research, and microfinance.

Before Experiment, Denny was a cloning machine. Now he wanders around looking for little people with big ideas.

Cindy Wu

Cindy Wu

In a former life, Cindy used a videogame to re-engineer an enzyme treatment for anthrax bacteria and developed a two year love-hate relationship with dendritic cells.

Cindy also likes playing in the wilderness and enjoys teaching science to little kids, both things she would like to try again in the future.

Oscar Jasklowski

Oscar Jasklowski

If there is a sailboat in your house, chances are Oscar visited. Oscar is the second graduate school dropout at Experiment. One day, he hopes to become the champion of his adult hockey league.

George Su

George Su

George is a classically trained pianist, and his favorite composer is Rachmaninoff. In his short lifespan, he's mastered the art of smoothie making, and his current conquest is learning how to dunk a basketball.

Ryan Lower

Ryan Lower

Ryan's always wearing shorts. Despite being a few months away from completing his doctorate degree in Computational Biology, strangely he has never attempted to take his driving test in America. Avid snowboarder skier, foosball player.

Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong

Andrew studied at the University of Waterloo. We're not sure where that is, but he insists they don't play quidditch there. Andrew is very excited for the future of impact investing.

Christina Tran

Christina Tran

As an evolutionary biologist, Christina studied the genetics of beetles in the Galapagos. Her pipettor of choice is a P10, so you know she's basically a pro. She helps our community grow.

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