Train air quality project underway!

Lab Note #3
Jan 11, 2015

Hello folks:

First, let me thank you again for contributing to our project to study the impact of coal and diesel trains in the Bellingham area.   Our project was funded via from your contributions.

I just want to give you a quick update on where we are at.   Since starting the project in December, our main focus has been to calibrate our particulate monitor, carbon dioxide sensors and to get the meteorological and data systems ready to go.  Calibration took several weeks as it requires us to collocate with an existing an air quality monitor.   Fortunately the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency ( has allowed us to collocate our sensors at one of their ongoing monitoring sites in the Seattle area for the past 3 weeks.  This has gone great and we are nearly ready to head up to B’ham.   I am in the final stages of identifying our site in Whatcom County.  Since we work at private homes or on private property to look at air quality, the exact location will not be made public, but rest assured the data will be available to all.  I expect we will deploy our instrumentation in the next 2 weeks.   I’ll send some pictures of the instrumentation and my team in the next lab note.

Best Regards and Happy New Year to all supporters of Science!

Dan Jaffe

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