Team member mtg tonight!

Lab Note #1
Mar 11, 2014

It's March 11th. Day 7 of my 30 day campaign here at Today I broke the $1000 mark and am at 86% funded. It's been an amazing experience.

I should start having some good Lab Notes after tonight as a number of members (who are very talented in their different expertise), came to me last week and proposed a volunteer collaboration to support my project. We will have our first meeting tonight and hopefully we'll develop a plan of attack and some delegation of work. Reaching the $1000 mark is a HUGE milestone of the $1200 goal and it will be exciting to be able to announce that at the meeting.

I will probably continue to keep technical documentation on my WordPress blog at

But has played a huge part and I will post notes here as well.

Many thanks to all who are watching and also to those who have helped contribute, both financially and with verbal encouragement.

I also want to thank the staff of as they are very involved in supporting projects that are posted there and for all the good advice they have given. A truly revolutionary site.


Richard Arnett



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