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Here´s how entomopathogenic roundworms are cultured: larvae of mealworm beetles (arrow) are infected and die hours later. The roundworms multiply inside of the cadaver and days later they emerge by the hundreds of thousands, searching for a new inse...
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Females of A. aegypti lay their eggs mostly in household water reservoirs. Floor drains, small containers and even open, unflushed toilettes and untreated swimming pools are often infested with mosquito larvae. Here are some kinds of indoor reservoir...
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Here´s how entomopathogenic roundworms kill the mosquito: once inside the larvae, the roundworm burrow through their gut and gain access to different parts of the larval body. Here a large roundworm female (arrow) emerge from the dead larval head.
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Obtaining mosquito larvae to conduct the assays: mosquito eggs (those little things that resemble grains of black rice) are placed in water-filled trays with a little dog or cat feed. Larvae emerge from the eggs and go through moltings; we use L3 an...
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