New project on trains and air quality in Washington State

Lab Note #2
Oct 21, 2014

Hi !

Since you supported my first project on air quality impacts from diesel and coal trains in Washington, I thought you'd like to know about a new project. After getting a number of requests to continue this work in Whatcom County, I have decide to go for it and continue the train/Air quality research in the Bellingham area.

I want you to know that in addition to the paper already published:


We have a second paper on the way. Its a still a few months before I can release the new study, but you will find it VERY Interesting..... Unfortunately peer review is a slow process and getting these data and results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals is critical. Once our data and results are published it becomes very difficult for regulators to ignore the results in the Environmental Assessment.

Your support has made this happen.

Please consider donating to the new project:


Thanks very much!

Dan Jaffe

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