Paper on train air quality study accepted and now available!

Lab Note #1
Feb 25, 2014

Hello supporters!

I am happy to let you know that after a comprehensive peer-review, our paper on the train study was accepted for publication and has just been officially released on the journal’s website:


The paper has not yet appeared in the print version of the journal, so there are no volume or pages numbers listed yet, but the doi (digital object identifier) indicates it’s a fully citable article. This is in the journal Atmospheric Pollution Research, which is fully open access. This means the full paper is available at no cost to all, so you can now read the full details of the study that you supported. This is a technical paper, so you might not understand all aspects, but a summary of the results are on my website at:


I am also happy to answer any specific questions that you have after reading the paper. As soon as the final paper appears in the print issue of the journal (next month), I will send it along to the State of Washington, so that this can be considered in the Environmental Assessment for the various projects.

Thank you again for your support. Your support has made a significant contribution to our understanding of this important issue. I suspect this is not the last study my group will do on this. Stay tuned for more…..


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