Getting Things Set Up

Lab Note #11
Jul 09, 2015

Though there still isn't a whole lot to report, this was was the first day when things really started to feel like they were actually happening. Jason arrived in the morning, and we met at the BLM's Billings Field Office to get our permits signed. He went back to the airport to wait on Brittany and Bill to arrive, while I went to the hardware store, and then to the empty, partially-shaded parking lot across the road from our motel. They all arrived after a short while and helped me to build the posts for the shade tent, and I basically unpacked the truck, reorganized, and redistributed much of what was in there.

Then it was time for an early dinner, and now Brittany and Bill are on their way to see Jurassic World! Looks like we'll be turning in a bit early tonight. Things are really kick into high gear bright and early tomorrow. Much more on that later!

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