Jason P Schein

Jason P Schein

Executive Director, Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute

B.S., Geology, Auburn University M.S., Geology, Auburn University

Very simply, I want to do nothing more than surround myself with nature and learn everything I can about it in the short time I have on this planet. I am a natural historian at heart.

As a published academic, I studied geology at Auburn University and paleontology at Drexel University. My publications range a variety of subjects from giant sea turtles to the end-Cretaceous mass extinction. I am most fascinated by the Late Cretaceous marine and terrestrial ecosystems in North America because it allows me to combine my loves of paleontology, nature, the outdoors, and the history and grandeur of the great American West.

I've participated or led expeditions in Argentina and across the United States. I now lead annual summer expeditions in the Bighorn Basin in Montana and Wyoming.

Following a decade of experience as the Assistant Curator of Natural History at a state museum, I became the founding Executive Director of the Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to paleontology and earth science research and education.

Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is where I call home. I fill my "free" time by hunting, fishing, writing, and learning. I love sharing my love and knowledge of the natural world with my family and being a Dad.

Visit bbpaleo.org to learn more about our organization. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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April 2013
Philadelphia, PA, USA


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