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Lab Note #3
Mar 14, 2014

Excellent news: we are now 101% funded, with still 24 days left to go!!!! A million thanks to everyone who has made it possible, this will be enough to cover the project costs for almost an entire year. Muchísimas gracias!!!! Of course, we are now going after the stretch goal and beyond -the sky is the limit!!!! With your help, we will be able to cover more tribunals, courts and entire jurisdictions, perfect the graph mining process, build up our own semantic search and visual front-end, and integrate our database into a general purpose search engine (probably DuckDuckGo, although we are also considering a partnership with Wolfram|Apha) and cognitive systems. Our goal is to build up the best technology possible as open source, contribute to the betterment of justice systems with relevant scientific analysis, and make law accessible to everyone -no better way to achieve it than this.

I mentioned in a previous lab note that the project presentation has been in top of its SSRN category for long. We are proud to say that it has been the most widely read of its class for almost three months now, although it is still a working paper. As promised we will be posting updates and insights as often as possible, publishing any ideas and results as open science (bypassing the clumsy and opaque peer to peer review process of science 1.0). Before the end of this campaign, I will let you know the URL of our open lab and other resources we are setting up. I also mentioned that we are now collaborating with an US agency,... here is a little bit more of information about it: we have just started to create an application with NOAA (the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency, Department of Commerce) to identify and profile biased expert witnesses. This is just another example on how the methods and technologies we are developing can and will have an impact in the real world,... there are many, many others.

There is an extraordinary amount of work left to do, and I believe we are in the right track. I will make the most of the next lab note to explain more about the Open Law Index -a platform we have created with the Open Knowledge Foundation to track and assess primary sources of legal information, as well as to advocate for a higher degree of transparency and the implementation of open data standards in all jurisdictions.

Thank you again, and stay tuned for more news!

All the best,

Enric G. Torrents

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