Only two days left to go

Lab Note #4
Apr 05, 2014

First and foremost, my most sincere gratitude for your support. Once we receive the collected funds from this campaign, I will start creating a new website and publishing the data gathered so far, along with visualizations, updates and any other information about the project (i.e. the source code of any custom script or tool I develop for it). All results derived from this research will be posted at, where I will soon set up an open notebook. Other than that, next steps are: 1) completing an index of primary sources worldwide, ranking them by their degree of openness and transparency, 2) graph mining those primary sources that allow for this process. Eventually, the first step will culminate in the publication of an annual report -similar to the open data census published by the Open Knowledge Foundation (with whom we are collaborating), or the Open Data Barometer, by Sir Tim Berners-Lee's Open Data Institute and the World Wide Web Foundation-, and a comprehensive online directory similar to the one we are already working on. Please feel free to subscribe to our mailing list at the Open Knowledge Foundation to get actively involved in its development. As for the second one, to begin with I will publish it all as json, RDF, GEXF and Neo4j files, and use the Oxford Internet Institute's InteractiveVis for network visualization. I had already outlined our mid-long term plans in a previous lab note. I will keep you posted about any news!

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