Dicty Trophy and Ceremony

Lab Note #31
Sep 17, 2014

The last official act of the Dicty Race 2014, and the unofficial start for the 2015 Race, took place in Germany in early August.  At the Annual Dicty Conference, https://dicty2014.de/, the trophy was awarded to the winning team (Rama Kataria, Ineke Keizer, Arjan Kortholt & Peter van Haastert, from U. Groningen, Netherlands!). 

The trophy was inspired by the mascot drawn by  Jonny Chang (thanks to ASCB): a collectible car, driven by a greenish-gel-blob-with-eyes and completed by the mandatory red scarf.

An excited group of scientists cheered for the winners.  New ideas for how to win the next Race begun taking shape.  This was my first time attending a Dicty meeting and I was really thrilled by the great passion for science this group has.

The conference was quite an event. We also had some national and local press coverage about the conference and the Dicty Race. Here are a few links:

Welt am Sonntag, 03.08.2014 (big German Sunday newspaper):

Wettlauf unter Amöben

campus.leben, 11.08.2014 (online journal Freie Universität Berlin):

Bei diesem Wettkampf ist Doping erlaubt

Berliner Zeitung, 13.08.2014 (local Berlin newspaper):

Schleimige Verwandlungskünstler

And some more pictures from the conference, during the presentations from the Race winners, dicussing their latest research (beyond the race ::)) :



and Peter

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