The Ecological Theories Behind this Project - Stability & Resilience.

Lab Note #7
Jan 09, 2015

Up to this point, I have only described the technology and basic application of digitial photomosaics to my crowdfunding (and thesis) project. Over the remianing three weeks of the fundraising campaign, I hope to explain the theories behind my graduate research - stability and resilience. Resilience determines the persistence of relationships within an ecosystem (such as a coral reef) and is a measure of the ability of the ecosystem to absorb changes of state variables (such as the amount of coral), driving variables (such as overfishing), and parameters (such as the probability of a coral reef changing from a coral-dominated to a macroalgae-dominated state) (Holling 1973). Stability is the ability of an ecosystem to return to an equilibrium state (such as a coral reef being dominated by coral, rather than macroalgae) after a temporary disturbance (such as a strong wave event) (Holling 1973). More to come... 

You can read more about the fundamentals of stability and resilience here: 

Holling 1973

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