James J. Herlan

James J. Herlan

New York, NY

Biology | Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior The Graduate Center The City University of New York

Doctoral Student


Published on Jan 17, 2023

Pocilloporid colonies

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Published on Jan 17, 2023

Initial observations of the spatial patterns of coral along wave energy gradients

Initial observations of the spatial patterns of coral along wave energy gradients

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Published on Jan 17, 2023

Large-area images (3D models)

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Published on Apr 05, 2015

Name this fish.

Can anyone name this species of Seriola? ESMOI HR TheMoai 140402 ExpLabNote.compressed from boro.stylee@gmail.com on Vimeo.

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Published on Apr 03, 2015

Moai in Hanga Roa Bay, Rapa Nui

I am currently testing my GoPro Hero 4 cameras while scuba diving in Rapa Nui. I will post more photos, videos, and updates on my scientific research as they become available. Thank you once again ...

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Published on Feb 28, 2015

GoPro Hero4 cameras are here

Thank you once again to all my financial backers. I received the cameras just before I left St. John, USVI this past Thursday. This month I will be planning my research for Easter Island, where I w...

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Published on Feb 01, 2015

The crowdfunding campaign was a success -- Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who supported my project financially and/or took the time to learn about coral reef conservation and the Rapa Nui culture. This is only the beginning and I plan to keep all of...

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Published on Jan 27, 2015

Coral-to-Macroalgae Phase Shifts

Corals are the ecological engineers of coral reefs (Bozec et al. 2013), which means they create three-dimensional habitat (via calcium carbonate, or limestone, deposition - also known as the underl...

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As much as I hope my lab notes are a learning experience for my supporters, it is a important for me to learn how to describe my research to the scientific community and general public in a clear and concise manner. Therefore, I encourage questions in the hope of forming an intelligent dialouge b...more