1971 Manual found!

Lab Note #3
Mar 17, 2014

Mike Setzer, a very influential member of the ChromatograDIY team found the old manual that goes with the Mud Logger GC he dropped off last week. His self-run GC analytical lab was wiped out by Katrina so finding things in the damaged warehouse has not been easy. But he continues to find things that are extremely useful to our project. These OLD GCs (and now accompanying Manual) give us the 'older', more simplistic way Gas ChromatograDIY was performed before the $30K HP and Perkin-Elmer instrument took over with their over-priced circuit boards, non-cross-platform software, and high dollar service contracts. These simple views into the past open our eyes to the basics that are needed, and the simplicity at which new instruments can be developed using today's opensource microcontroller technology. (and yes, the manual copyright is 1971)

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