From Idea to Reality...Bending Jig Comes to Life!

Lab Note #5
Jan 05, 2015

It's always something...the car needs a new tire, the baby has a fever, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You get it! Well, it's like that in research too sometimes. Just when you think you have everything you need, you realize you don't. That's just what happened and that's okay! 

We have the implants designed and ready to fabricate courtesy of Don Olano at Precision Seals, we have the testing machine courtesy of Dr. Mandi Lopez's lab and now, after a healthy dose of help from my friend Ryan at Evisive and Wayne from Machine Maintenance LLC, we're going to have a brand new jig to test our implant/bone constructs in!

I'll be sure to post a picture of the jig once it's finished and also some video of our test runs in the MTS testing machine! Getting ready to break stuff is exciting! I can hardly wait to see what the results will be! Until then, enjoy a picture of the rough sketches, rub impressions, manufacturer specifications and final jig design made on SolidWorks! (Understanding basic engineering helped, getting help from an engineer did the trick!)

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