New Support!!!

Lab Note #2
Oct 08, 2014
Thank you for all the kind messages I have received, for the support of the press and on social media to all the followers for spreading the word about my research. My research focuses on an applying existing technology for a new use. It is re-purposed technology revolutionary not just for horse, but for people and many other animals. We have reached 28% of the funding goal, but are still counting on the generosity from donors. Each donation counts. If we get $25 by 700 more donors then we will be able to test our NEW implanted prosthetic in the cadaver bones of horses to make sure that we will not harm a living creature by haphazardly using unproven technology on living beings. Support comes in many forms. I have several friends get involved and raise money by putting on a ballroom and Latin dance. We raised $1126.00 on just that one event! I have other friends organizing a benefit trail ride and LSU scavenger hunt. We're getting schools and local companies involved...but that takes more that just the 24 hours in my day. It takes more than just the gifts I can purchase, make or solicit as prizes. Thank you to all that have and are helping. I still need more help. Even if you can't donate any more money, you may have a little time to help organize a fundraiser! Contact me for ideas! Thank you, Niki Marie Hansen
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