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80% pledged- Thank you!

Lab Note #6
Apr 11, 2014

It is almost the weekend and we have about 2 weeks left until the campaign officially ends. With your help, we've reached the 80% mark already. As the campaign is an all-or-nothing funding model, I'm confident that we can keep the interest going and reach the $6500 goal by the end as we have generated over 3000 page views already!
This is entirely due to your support through social media outlets, contributions, and encouragement. The generosity and interest of everyone who has helped this campaign has been tremendous, and I am extremely grateful. Thank you.
In case you're interested in my past week:

I just returned from a fisheries conference in Mexico to present some work on the use of mangrove creeks by transient predatory fishes (lemon sharks, barracuda, houndfish, and bar jacks). The talk went really well and I had a chance to network with researchers from around the world, including experts on mangroves, reef fishes, etc. On top of that some wonderful keynote speakers were around from the Bahamas National Trust and elsewhere. 
You can learn more about my past work on this system, and this project specifically, at this link. I've also included a few video clips that show you what one of these beautiful mangrove creeks looks like from underwater. Enjoy, and please share our crowdfunding site one last time!

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