Update and acknowledgement

Lab Note #1
Nov 03, 2014

Dear Backers,

The last month have been very exciting and we made great progress with the project!

At this point, we want to express our special acknowledgement for your support that lead to tip the scales and provide you with a comprehensive update of our progress!

Technology Development:

Through your support, we could improve our prototype and achieved over 40% efficiency during our tank experiments and expect up to 60% efficiency with state of the art full scale components. This is nearly double the efficiency of a very advanced combustion engine we have in our cars. Below a picture of our final experimental set up. We are processing the measured data and are working on two publications explaining our results in detail.

Additionally, we implemented a novel scheme that allows us to determine the optimum damping parameters for our hydraulic generators. Here, we even experimentally measured efficiencies over 60%.


The success of the crowd funding campaign lead to additional follow up media coverage and below a summary of our favorite articles and a behind the scenes impression:






A comprehensive list can be found at http://calwave.org/media/


The Poster: The Wave Carpet: Development of a Submerged Pressure Differential Wave Energy Converter
was awarded again with 1st Place Judges Winner at this year's BERC Energy Summit Innovation Expo. 

Below a link for more information about the event:



Since this fall, several new and strong partners at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory supporting our project on all hands! Our next big goal is a first ocean pilot next summer. Here we are working eager on the preparation, not only on the engineering design and optimization, but on all the other project details that are necessary of an ocean pilot such as permits and implementation.

Portland Oregon:

Berkeley Marina:

We're exited about the great progress and traction of the project and looking forward to update you with more news and updates, combining the first and the last two picture!

Again, thank you for your support and follow us on 

calwave.org or https://twitter.com/Berkeleywavecar    



p.s. the picture below was taken at the Oregon Wave Energy Trust Conference in early October this year.

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