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Published on Apr 12, 2021

please visit us at calwave.energyfor updates on our upcoming open ocean pilot.

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Published on Feb 01, 2016

CalWave - Progress

Dear Backers,Thank you again for your initial support to get our project off the ground!We have mad significant progress since we received your support and have been accepted to the prestigious pro...

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Published on Nov 03, 2014

Update and acknowledgement

Dear Backers,The last month have been very exciting and we made great progress with the project!At this point, we want to express our special acknowledgement for your support that lead to tip the s...

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Published on May 20, 2014

Latest results

Dear Backers,We briefly want to provide you an exclusive update of our latest progress.1) was so kind to provide us the following statistics about our project:Some stats since you've...

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Published on Mar 24, 2014

Update: Power Take Off

Hello Backers,Here a short update of our current activities.1) As the page only offers an all or nothing model, we were happy to received an extension to reach our goal!The extension will end tmr m...

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Published on Mar 16, 2014

Status: Final support, less than 25% left in 2 days + News & Updates

Dear Backers,First of all, thank you very much for supporting our campaign so far and joining us on board of the wave carpet!We are close to reaching our goal and have less than 25% left in the nex...

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Published on Feb 08, 2014

The First Proof of Concept

Out of curiosities we started to used some after hours to built a proof of concept in our free time in one day.As the damping coefficient of the pump was too high, we design a single acting piston ...

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Published on Feb 03, 2014

The Wave Tank - The Beginning

A year ago we started to set up the Wave Tank at UC Berkeley, O'Brien Hall.Here some impressions:

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Published on Jan 30, 2014

Wave Carpet in the News!

National Geographic Francisco Business Times Media:http://newscenter.berkeley.ed...

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