Jay Patel

Jay Patel

Aug 30, 2017

Group 6 Copy 56
  • 1. Anumol, T., Clarke, B. O., Merel, S., & Snyder, S. A. (2015). Point-of-Use Devices for Attenuation of Trace Organic Compounds in Water. Journal - American Water Works Association, 107, E474–E485. doi:10.5942/jawwa.2015.107.0129
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    About This Project

    We are routinely exposed to substances with trace concentrations of harmful chemicals. These chemicals are often associated with cancer, lowered IQ, behavioral changes, particularly for young children. Overcoming challenges of testing affordability and accessibility is difficult. This experiment employs an easy-to-use test for water quality and allows citizen scientists to identify harmful chemicals and prevent crises like Flint, MI in 2014 and Cape Fear, NC in 2017.

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