Camilo Castelblanco

Camilo Castelblanco

Northwest Missouri State University


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After reading through the literature, it was fascinating to learn more about neuropolitics - the study of political science from a neuroscientific perspective. It may be that political inclinations influence participants' decisions on whether to get vaccinated or not. However, how does this happen? Can behavioral or biological tools help us understand this interaction? According to Mendez (2017), high conservatism correlates with negative bias (i.e., tendency to focus on negative experiences). Supposing that some participants are high in this trait, are they more likely to take the vaccine to prevent possible consequences (e.g., getting infected with Covid-19)? Or are they less likely because they are afraid of possible side effects of the vaccine? The answer is not clear; therefore, we are excited to start our research to understand why people behave the way they do.
Jul 02, 2021
Why do people decide to get vaccinated or not?
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