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Pursue a scientific research question for the crowd with a prize for the project with the most backers.

A new initiative to stir the pot for research ideas.

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Crowdfunded Grants

Answer The Challenge

Anyone can create an experiment in response to a grant. Projects must be submitted before the launch deadline to be eligible. Winners will be chosen when all of the eligible campaigns end.

Crowdfunded Grants

Peer-Reviewed Proposals

Each project will be approved by a panel of science and topic experts, and all review comments are transparent and open to the public.

Crowdfunded Grants

Crowd Leverage

Three’s a party, but three hundred is a crowd. By backing a project, you’ll receive updates, results, and data from project creators. This is science by the people, for the people.

Requests for Experiments

View upcoming grants and create a project for a chance to win an additional grant.

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Past Challenges

These challenge grants have ended and the winning projects have been awarded.

Cartography and Mapping
13 projects
$9,291118$500January 2017
Trash, Sustainability, and the Environment
8 projects
$9,13379$500January 2017
Mental Health
15 projects
$24,512194$500January 2017
Poverty and Development
7 projects
$6,57376$500January 2017
Political Science
6 projects
$1,85927$500January 2017
Public Health
18 projects
$15,834242$500January 2017
8 projects
$9,366120$500January 2017
Cities & Transportation
13 projects
$11,120218$500December 2016
Benthic Ecology
6 projects
$2,27853$500December 2016
Exercise Research
7 projects
$9,275148$500November 2016
13 projects
$17,710241$500November 2016
13 projects
$16,997236$500November 2016
Groundwater and Caves
12 projects
$24,905413$500November 2016
13 projects
$45,6581075$1,000November 2016
27 projects
$66,890807$500October 2016
Freshwater Science
10 projects
$13,814304$500October 2016
11 projects
$22,184326$1,000October 2016
8 projects
$17,259261$500October 2016
9 projects
$26,141475$500October 2016
9 projects
$8,786111$500September 2016
11 projects
$23,819334$1,000September 2016
Wildlife Diseases
12 projects
$31,078438$1,000September 2016
Coral Reefs
13 projects
$37,483398$1,000August 2016
Weather and Atmospheric Science
6 projects
$8,117143$1,000August 2016
iGEM Synthetic Biology
14 projects
$26,802938$1,000July 2016
16 projects
$48,656867$1,000July 2016
Sharks, Skates, and Rays
16 projects
$23,550371$1,000June 2016
10 projects
$14,082225$1,000May 2016
21 projects
$53,075760$1,000May 2016
Paleontology Challenge
12 projects
$42,916658$1,000April 2016
Fish Challenge
11 projects
$18,078521$1,500April 2016
Animal Superpower Challenge
20 projects
$40,9441399$1,500March 2016
Zika Virus
13 projects
$52,430765$10,000March 2016
Insects Challenge
15 projects
$35,759653$2,000March 2016
Liberal Arts College
18 projects
$33,733964$2,000March 2016
Marine Mammals
14 projects
$45,8611006$2,000February 2016

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