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Prizes and competitions to help science funding go further.

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Crowdfunded Grants

Answer The Challenge

Anyone can create a project in response to a challenge. Projects must be submitted before the launch deadline to be eligible. Winners will be chosen when all of the eligible campaigns end.

Crowdfunded Grants

Peer-Reviewed Proposals

Each project will be reviewed and approved by a panel of science and topic experts. All review comments are transparent and open to the public.

Crowdfunded Grants

Crowd Leverage

Three is a party, but three hundred is a crowd. By backing a project, backers will receive lab note updates and scientific results from project researchers. This is science by the people, for the people.

Current Grants

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Past Challenges

These challenge grants have ended and the grant prizes awarded.

Frugal Science42 projectsJune 2024
eDNA Innovation48 projectsMarch 2024
Metascience49 projectsMarch 2024
STEM Education26 projectsJanuary 2024
Negative Emissions Technology48 projectsNovember 2023
SCIENCE ENGINE56 projectsNovember 2023
Cellular Agriculture37 projectsAugust 2023
Low-Cost Tools for Science74 projectsAugust 2023
AI for Interspecies Communication37 projectsAugust 2023
Wildlife Health and Disease7 projectsJune 2023
Ocean Solutions205 projectsApril 2023
Mycological Innovations72 projectsFebruary 2023
Community Science & Environmental Justice47 projectsJanuary 2023
Biotech for Conservation58 projectsDecember 2022
Augmented Discovery8 projectsNovember 2022
Wildlife Health and Disease7 projectsJune 2022
Hot Science Summer8 projectsJuly 2021
Wildlife Health and Disease Challenge Grant9 projectsMay 2021
Biosurveillance2 projectsApril 2021
Kelp10 projectsApril 2021
Conservation Technology13 projectsJanuary 2021
Environmental Citizen Science10 projectsNovember 2020
Wildlife Health and Disease Challenge Grant13 projectsAugust 2020
Wildlife Health and Disease Challenge Grant15 projectsJune 2019
iGEM 2019 Challenge8 projectsApril 2019
BBPI Paleontology Grant Challenge4 projectsMarch 2019
Association of Zoos and Aquariums Grant Challenge7 projectsFebruary 2019
Entomological Society of America Grant Challenge6 projectsFebruary 2019
2018 iGEM Research Challenge5 projectsOctober 2018
Wildlife Disease Association Challenge Grant36 projectsAugust 2018
Horse Nation Equine Research Challenge8 projectsMay 2018
Cartography and Mapping13 projectsJanuary 2017
Trash, Sustainability, and the Environment8 projectsJanuary 2017
Poverty and Development7 projectsJanuary 2017
Mental Health15 projectsJanuary 2017
Political Science6 projectsJanuary 2017
Public Health18 projectsJanuary 2017
Evolution8 projectsJanuary 2017
Cities & Transportation13 projectsDecember 2016
Benthic Ecology6 projectsDecember 2016
Exercise Research7 projectsNovember 2016
Adolescence13 projectsNovember 2016
Bees13 projectsNovember 2016
Groundwater and Caves12 projectsNovember 2016
Zoos13 projectsNovember 2016
Ornithology27 projectsOctober 2016
Freshwater Science10 projectsOctober 2016
Archaeology11 projectsOctober 2016
Fungi8 projectsOctober 2016
Arachnids9 projectsOctober 2016
Botany9 projectsSeptember 2016
Herpetology11 projectsSeptember 2016
Wildlife Diseases12 projectsSeptember 2016
Coral Reefs13 projectsAugust 2016
Weather and Atmospheric Science6 projectsAugust 2016
iGEM Synthetic Biology14 projectsJuly 2016
Seabirds16 projectsJuly 2016
Sharks, Skates, and Rays16 projectsJune 2016
Sleep10 projectsMay 2016
Cats21 projectsMay 2016
Paleontology Challenge12 projectsApril 2016
Fish Challenge11 projectsApril 2016
Animal Superpower Challenge20 projectsMarch 2016
Zika Virus13 projectsMarch 2016
Insects Challenge15 projectsMarch 2016
Liberal Arts College18 projectsMarch 2016
Marine Mammals14 projectsFebruary 2016

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