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Exercise is critical to staying healthy. Research in the fields of exercise science and sports medicine helps us understand injury prevention, human movement, physiology, athletic performance, and the effects of physical activity on fitness, health, mood, and wellbeing.

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Do you really need more protein if you exercise?

Protein is often thought to be a workout necessity, the essential complement to every gym bag. Missing protein...

More About This Challenge

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Challenge Amount:
Submission Deadline:
Nov 04, 2016
Campaign Launch:
Nov 17, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How do challenge grants work?

Challenge grants are prizes to supplement existing crowdfunding campaigns. We will accept proposals for campaigns related to exercise and sports research, and all the campaigns will launch together on November 17th, 2016. After the third week of the campaigns, the project with the highest number of backers will receive an additional $500. There are two runners-up prizes of $200 each.

When will the grant be awarded?

On December 8th at 5PM PT, the prizes will be awarded according to the posted schedule.

Can I still submit a project?

We are no longer accepting projects for this grant, however we will be launching many more challenge grant opportunities. Sign up for our mailing list for up-to-date community news.

Please Note:

If we see suspicious acitivity of researchers or backers potentially cheating during the challenge, the project will be completely disqualified from winning the grant.

Challenge Aims

We invite practitioners, scientists, athletes, and exercise enthusiasts to submit their research projects and launch public Experiment fundraising campaigns. Featured challenge projects will launch together in late November for 30 days, for a chance at the extra grant awards.

You can begin a project page draft below and submit it for review by 11/4 to be included in the challenge. Our team will then work with you on preparing the project to launch on 11/17.

The submission form follows any live project page that you can currently view on Experiment. Some examples of project pages from funded exercise-related campaigns:

Can we predict whether an athlete will sustain an ACL tear?

How does Sprint Training Impact Blood Sugar and Inflammation?

A Prescription for Health and Fitness Based on Your Genes

Please watch our call for proposals before you start! This short 3-minute introduction video will explain the process of how crowdfunding on Experiment works:

Project Eligilibity

Any project conducting research on exercise science or sports medicine is invited to participate. Please get in touch if you aren't sure about your idea, by emailing us at support@experiment.com. Interdisciplinary projects are more than welcome! Researchers must be based out of institutions or organizations in the US, UK, Australia, or Canada. If you are in another country, please check with us first.

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