Ocean Sensors


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We're supporting projects that advance the development and implementation of cutting-edge ocean sensor technologies and robotic platforms. 

Science Leads: Jessica Sandoval, Katy Croff Bell

Challenge Amount:
Submission Deadline:
Apr 29, 2024
Campaign Launch:
Apr 29, 2024

How this works

Projects must meet Experiment project guidelines and funding discretion rests with the Science Lead.

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Challenge Aims

The ocean holds vast potential for scientific discovery and crucial insights into global environmental challenges. If you have innovative ideas on how to advance ocean sensor methodologies or design novel robotic approaches to ocean data collection, we want to hear from you. The Ocean Sensors grant program supports pioneering research to address critical needs in oceanographic observation and understanding.

We are seeking proposals for innovative projects that leverage ocean sensors or robotics in novel ways. This could include:

  • Developing new sensor technologies to collect data on previously inaccessible or poorly understood aspects of the ocean.
  • Implementing sensor networks to monitor and track oceanographic phenomena in real time.
  • Designing and deploying novel robotic platforms for ocean exploration and data collection.

We are particularly interested in projects that:

  • Address critical oceanographic issues such as climate change, pollution, or biodiversity loss.
  • Have the potential to make a significant impact on our understanding or management of the ocean.
  • Demonstrate a clear path to implementation and sustainability.

If you have a bold vision for the future of ocean exploration and discovery, we encourage you to apply!

ROLLING SUBMISSIONS:  The goal of this small, fast grant program is to get these projects off the ground quickly. If selected, the grant (up to $10,000 with the average Science Engine grant being $4,000) will be applied towards an ongoing Experiment project. Project leads are encouraged to try to raise additional support from the crowdfunding process, as granted amounts may only cover part of the project funds. The sooner you fill out a project application the better (use the "start a project" link below). In addition to funding, we hope to stay engaged with the projects as mentors and supporters, helping to make the experiments a success.