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Geopolitical science is the study of international relations and policy and how it affects areas of climate, demography, natural resources, and population. This challenge grant turns this lens towards security, terrorism, and refugees, but is open to any political science project or study of political science education.

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The influence of energy development on public opinions about "fracking"

Opinions about unconventional oil/gas development (aka 'hydraulic fracturing' or 'fracking') are shaped by who...

United against poaching: how strengthening transnational cooperation in Southern Africa can end wildlife crime

How can the poaching of elephants be stopped? This project identifies effective coordination between diverse...

Trump's Tweets and Tweeters: Understanding the Incoming President's Narratives and the Social Network Around Mr. Trump

This project is simple: collect and describe the incoming president's political communication and the network...

How will Argentina's Development be Affected by the new Presidency?

The election of President Mauricio Macri and the conservative Cambiemos coalition marks a crossroads for Argentina...

Advocates: How do citizens use law to improve their water supply?

Water is a highly contested resource subject to vastly unequal distribution and localized shortages. To improve...

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More About This Challenge

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Challenge Amount:
Submission Deadline:
Dec 23, 2017
Campaign Launch:
Jan 09, 2017

Frequently Asked Queries

How do challenge grants work?

This grant is for projects that launch crowdfunding campaigns by January 9, 2017. The project with the most backers after three weeks will receive an additional $500 grant. Eligible projects must be approved before the launch deadline.

When will the grant be awarded?

On January 30th at 6PM ET, the project with the most backers will be awarded directly to their project. The two runner-ups will also be awarded.

Can I still submit a project?

We are no longer accepting projects for this grant, however we will be launching many more challenge grant opportunities. Sign up for our mailing list for up-to-date community news.

Please Note:

If we see suspicious acitivity of researchers or backers potentially cheating during the challenge, the project will be completely disqualified from winning the grant.

Challenge Aims

Geography and political science are important tools to understanding how changing international relations affect people and the world around us. In particular, the scientists and citizens are adapting to a new kinds of geopolitics and terrorism.

Questions of interest include:

  • Who is impacted through today's geopolitical climate, and how do we measure and monitor the impact?
  • How is the behavior of migrants changing over time?
  • What does terrorism mean for the future of the internet (e.g. security and social networks)?
  • How is radicalization happening across borders and mediums?
  • How are counter-terrorism policies and strategies changing?
  • How can data mapping or data management be used to learn more about political issues?
  • How is political science education evolving to accommodate changing global events?

Project Eligilibity

This grant is for projects that launch campaigns by Dec 23, 2017. The project that ends with the most backers will receive an additional $500 grant. Eligible projects must be approved before the launch deadline.

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