Animal Superpower Challenge

Among the most fascinating aspects of biology are the superlative and unusual traits animals have evolved to adapt to their ecological niches. From the ultra-sensitive vision of nocturnal bees to the astonishing sticky feet of geckos, these “superpowers” have tremendous potential to teach us about general principles, and to lead to unexpected applications.

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Submission Deadline

Mar 21, 2016

About This Grant

Krogh’s principle:
“For a large number of problems there will be some animal of choice, or a few such animals, on which it can be most conveniently studied.”
– August Krogh

We invite proposals for projects that investigate, or are inspired by, animal abilities with extreme performance and/or extraordinary design. Or colloquially, Animal Superpowers. These may come from (but are not limited to) the following fields:

* Sensory systems and signaling

* Locomotion

* Biomimetics

* Bioenergetics

* Adaptations to extreme environments

* Regeneration

* Predation and anti-predator strategies

* Navigation

* Hibernation

How It Works

This grant is for projects that launch crowdfunding campaigns by Mar 29, 2016. The project that with the most backers by the third week of the campaign will receive an additional $1,500 grant. The two runners-up will receive $250 each. Eligible projects must be approved before the launch deadline.

Submitted Projects