Conservation biologists are increasingly turning to new biotechnologies to understand and restore the natural world. The tools are changing as fast as the ecosystems, and we need all the help we can get. 
Science Leads: Bridget Baumgartner and Ryan Phelan

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Dec 31, 2022

About This Grant

Conservation is increasingly turning to new biotechnologies to understand, monitor, and sometimes intervene in ecosystems around the world. Whether using eDNA to monitor marine environments or increasing the genetic diversity of endangered species, these new tools are becoming important and ubiquitous. 

Revive & Restore is a pioneer in bringing these new approaches and technologies into the natural world. These projects take time and exceptional foresight. Revive & Restore knows the importance of funding projects at the earliest stages, well before there is an urgent and dire need. We're looking to help seed more projects pursuing important biobanking outcomes, documenting wild genomes, or pushing the boundaries of genetic monitoring techniques. 

Thanks to the support of the Footprint Coalition, we have $50,000 that we're going to contribute to projects here on Experiment — a small and fast grant program to get new ideas off the ground quickly. We will back eligible projects up to 50% of the project cost (and up to $5,000/project). The funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sooner you fill out a project application the better (use the "start a project" link below). Bold ideas and questions are encouraged to apply.

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How It Works

Projects can be submitted now! The funding will be distributed according to project needs on a first-come, first-granted basis. The sooner you submit a project, the better your chances of receiving the additional support!

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