Fragile and blooming with diversity, coral reefs are ecosystems formed by the growth and deposit of coral in shallow tropical and sub-tropical waters. Reefs are the "rainforests of the sea", and a wide variety of ocean species use them for food and shelter.

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Aug 08, 2016

About This Grant

Along with being hotspots of diversity, reefs are invaluable to humans: protecting the shoreline, serving as beautiful tourist spots, providing food from the species that call them home, a source for potential medicines and bio-inspired technology. They are also some of the most threatened and destroyed ecosystems on earth, from pollution, overfishing, rising temperatures, and more.

The conservation of this resource moving forward is a critical issue that we strongly believe in. We are calling for research projects that work on some aspects of coral reefs, whether with organisms that live in the ecosystem, from the fish to the corals, or their interactions with each other, or a question that is related to the ecosystem as a whole, such as water chemistry or analysis of conservation efforts.

Please get in touch with our team if you're unsure if your project qualifies. Interdisciplinary projects are more than welcome! We are accepting 15 projects to launch their Experiment crowdfunding campaigns at the end of August. The projects with the highest number of backers will receive extra awards on top of their raised funds.

How It Works

Challenge grants are sponsored prizes. We will accept proposals for campaigns related to coral reefs, and all the campaigns will launch together on August 23rd, 2016. The project that ends with the highest number of backers will receive an additional $1,000. There are two runners-up prizes of $250 each.

Submitted Projects