Reptile and amphibian species span the globe, and play critical roles in their environments, as they are acutely sensitive to any changes and have adapted in a huge variety of ways.

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Aug 30, 2016

About This Grant

From medicinal developments from the toxins or venoms found in their bodies, to serving as a central link food chains, to helping us understand conservation needs and the effects of climate change on fragile ecosystems, the impact of reptiles and amphibians on the world is undeniable.

Experiment is launching a new herpetology grant challenge to support research studying or working with any amphibians or reptiles. We hope to highlight the diversity of projects in herpetology, including topics of sequencing and genetics, morphological development, conservation and ecosystem health, adaptations and evolution, medical applications, biological control, and more.

The challenge is not limited to those topics, and we welcome any interdisciplinary projects. Please get in touch with our team if you'd like to talk about your project idea. We are accepting approximately 15 projects to launch their Experiment crowdfunding campaigns later in September. The projects with the highest number of backers will receive extra awards on top of their raised funds.

How It Works

Challenge grants are sponsored prizes. We will accept proposals for campaigns related to herpetology, and all the campaigns will launch together on September 14, 2016. The project that ends with the highest number of backers will receive an additional $1,000. There are two runners-up prizes of $250 each.

Submitted Projects