The World Bank estimates that 2015 is the first year that the world's population living in extreme poverty fell below 10%. We are interested in research that addresses the potential to reduce and end poverty, and develop sustainable systems to improve human conditions.

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Dec 23, 2016

About This Grant

For this challenge, we are interested in research proposals for well-defined projects that seek to understand what causes poverty, how we can bring more people above the poverty line, or improving development practices around the world.

Below are some examples of areas, however, proposals do not need to address these specific questions. Any project related to poverty or development is welcome.

  • How can we get people access to vaccines and drugs for common infectious diseases?
  • How can we efficiently use microloans to give people financial independence?
  • How can we better provide access to food, shelter, clean water, and electricity?

How It Works

This grant is for projects that launch crowdfunding campaigns by Jan 10, 2017. The project with the most backers after three weeks will receive an additional $500 grant. Eligible projects must be approved before the launch deadline.

Submitted Projects