Seabirds fly and swim from continent to continent. They know no borders. They're important for the ecosystem. Studying seabirds helps us understand how our environment is changing and potentially determine what we can do to protect it.

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Jul 06, 2016

About This Grant

We are seeking proposals from seabird researchers. We will select roughly 15 projects to join the Seabird Challenge Grant Program. Each project will run as an individual campaign. The projects will all launch on the same day for 30 days. 

In the 3rd week the Experiment project that finishes with the most backers will receive an additional $1,000 grant. The two runner up projects will receive $250 each.

How It Works

Challenge grants are sponsored prizes. We will accept proposals for campaigns related to seabirds, and all the campaigns will launch together on July 19th, 2016. The project that ends with the highest number of backers will receive an additional $1,000.

Submitted Projects