Designing touch surfaces to help the visually impaired operate home appliances

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Part I Test Details - Find a button (Random Selection)

The Find-a-button test is a random control selection as opposed to the heat-a-beverage sequential scenario. The random control selection examines the participants ability to find individual controls starting from a position outside of the control panel. Here is how it works -

An anchor button is positioned on the touchscreen to the left of the microwave control interface. A test administrator tells the test participant to select a specific button. The test participant selects the anchor button first then must move his/her hand to the control panel, find and then select the specific button. This is performed for eight different buttons on the control panel.

The buttons:

Anchor button plus 8 control buttons --- 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, Start, Cancel, Time Cook

What is recorded:

--- anchor button press timestamp

--- control button press timestamp

--- label of each button press

Data analyzed:

--- Successful control button selection. Success = control button selected is the same as the control button requested by the test administrator.

--- Time to find and select the control button. Only for successful selections, time = timeStamp(control button) - timeStamp(Anchor button)


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