Exhaustion, Malaise, Fever; Scientists gone "viral"

Lab Note #2
Sep 09, 2014

We are at the half way point of our campaign and we are tired and nervous!!!

My business partner and I are trying to decide which SBIR to submit.. we are not quite ready to submit the EPA SBIR, (due in two days!) but will our topic be called if we wait for the Clean Tech SBIR??? (Calls don't come out until October 27th). Decisions, Decisions!  Meanwhile.. back at the ranch...  our crowdfunding campaign creeps along- nearly 60%!! A few media opportunities that were promised never came through, meanwhile others have panned out. Trying to "go viral" is exhausting.. and what to do after you have picked the "low hanging" fruit? Ie gotten as many of your friends and family to donate as possible? 

Hopefully we will be able to schedule our clean tech Reddit AMA for next Wednesday night! 

You would think that going "Viral" would be easy for a scientist :) ... 

(Pun intended) 


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