One last update...

Lab Note #5
Nov 11, 2016

Dear 32ATPs supporters and clean energy advocates, 

After almost three years we have made the tough decision to end the attempts to commercialize the 32ATPs biological supercapacitor. 

After receiving absolutely no support from any organization, other than this fine group of people, 32ATPs has no real way to move forward.

Many of you may be asking what can I do? Please, keep supporting "female founders" in your community!!! 

There is a perception in the community that there are many support mechanisms for women that men do not have access to. I can tell you, unequivocally, that this is untrue. If there had been a single program to help us, other than of course "mentorship" based programming, I would have found it. I sent out hundreds of applications and contacts. I applied multiple times to every program, making our application better and better each time. 

I tried to be the best steward of the funds that you contributed in 2014 and all of the hours of mentorship and support that I received from this community. We did make some headway, I'm very proud of what we accomplished. 

  • Our patent "Biological supercapacitor structure and method for manufacturing and use of the same"  is now available on the USPTO website

  • And our publication, with collaborators at the University of Utah leading the charge (pun intended of course!) was published online at ACS Energy Letters:

  • Recently, 32ATPs and the University of Utah were awarded the Clean Energy Honorable Mention at the Utah Technology Awards. We were honored to be included in this prestigious group of innovators.

Perhaps, another young, motivated individual will take up the "charge" in the near future. 

All I can say is, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for supporting our "clean energy" endeavor. 

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