Victor Adi Winata

Victor Adi Winata

Jul 04, 2024

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  • 1. Lauro, F. M., Senstius, S. J., Cullen, J., Neches, R., Jensen, R. M., Brown, M. V., Darling, A. E., Givskov, M., McDougald, D., Hoeke, R., Ostrowski, M., Philip, G. K., Paulsen, I. T., & Grzymski, J. J. (2014). The Common Oceanographer: Crowdsourcing the Collection of Oceanographic Data. PLoS Biology, 12(9), e1001947.
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About This Project

Regions of Bali Strait, Indonesia, have often experienced a dominant catch of Sardinella lemuru in the last decades [1,2,3], which benefits the economy & ecology aspects. However, where it went during the rising La Nina intensity in the climate change era [4] with morphological sample scarcity, this study proposes new sampling to increase eDNA recovery of S.lemuru by increasing the previous standard filtered water [11,12,18] to 3-10 L triplicate in 3 & 15 m depth without adding high field cost.

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