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Data analysis

Lab Note #6
Jan 18, 2016

We have data! We gathered survey data from just over 500 participants, and are taking our time to analyze it. There were both quantitative and qualitative questions. For the former, in addition to basic descriptive statistics (e.g., mean, median, range, standard deviation), we’ll be doing correlations, maybe some regressions, and some exciting principal components analyses (to see if any questions cluster together)! We’ll also be looking for themes from the qualitative questions with the help of our research assistant, Francine Goh.
I’ve been very busy with teaching classes in my new job as an assistant professor of psychology at Fontbonne University. It’s good to be squeezing in some time again for this project! Our 2016 goal is to write up a paper to submit to a peer-reviewed journal such as JARMAC. In the meantime, I might post here a few cool links about offloading/external memory that we’ve gathered.

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