Cosa Excavations 2014 Update

Lab Note #4
Apr 01, 2015

Hello again!

I wanted to update you all on the current state of the Cosa Excavations project that you all so generously helped last summer. During the last excavation season, we focused on the exterior façade and subterranean features (a reservoir and cistern system).We were able to uncover more information about the logistics of running a bath complex in a town that has no visible water supply system, such as the well-known network of aqueducts for which Rome is so famous. The enigma that is Cosa's bath complex remains a large question in our archaeological research.

One of our fearless directors (Dr. Russell T. Scott) excavating the high-capacity reservoir across the ancient street from the complex, featuring the large conduit that carried water from the reservoir to the bath

Early stages of excavation on the entrance to the bath complex

The same area, seen from a different vantage point, at the end of the excavation season showing the southern façade wall

Each afternoon, we sort and catalogue the day's findings

The large temple on the arx (citadel) of Cosa remains one of the most famous landmarks of the site, seen here in a photograph taken by our site UAV (drone), which we use to take aerial photographs of the entire site

This past January, three fellow Cosans and I presented at the large, annual archaeological meeting held by the Archaeological Institute of America in New Orleans, LA. We developed a poster, seen below, which discusses our efforts to make archaeology, specifically at Cosa, more accessible to the public.

2014 Cosa Poster presented at the 2015 AIA Annual Meeting

In the upcoming, 2015 season, we will continue our excavation of the bath complex, while also compiling more survey data via ground-penetrating radar, aerial photography, and 3D photomodeling. We plan on furthering the accessibility and visibility of the site in the upcoming season, which begins this June. I hope you all will keep up with our work by visiting our new website (, our videos on youtube, and our blog, which we shall resume once we all find our way back to the beautiful Roman site of Cosa.

Thank you so much again,


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