Still waiting...

Lab Note #4
May 21, 2014
Things are happening.  They're just not spectacular.  This is Science:  not everything important is flashy.  

The samples should be loaded into "The Machine" late next week.  We'll get a date after that.  Cross your eyes, toes and fingers, everybody!!!

Meanwhile, we continue our preparations for the Boise Conference.  The fee for the conference is paid out of this fund, which was very nice for a student like myself; one less thing to worry about!  I asked another paleobotanist to review my leaves for identification, and she's somewhat skeptical about one morphotype being Podocarpus.  Skepticism in this business is very healthy, so I am re-evaluating my observations and criteria, since I'm a bit skeptical myself about many of the leaves being identified as Salix.  Some of them are Salix beyond a doubt, but others... I'm not sure.  They MAY have to classified as "uncertain".  

That's okay.  Nobody doubts the Ginkgo.  
Please wait...