The story

Lab Note #2
May 09, 2017

Hello community!

We are nearly at 50%! Thank you so much this is just amazing! As a little present, we want to give you something to read. In the past days, we have conducted a few interviews with very interesting people. One of them is Geo Bell and his blog “lucidsource”. For our German fellows, we have also conducted an interview with Alexandra Enns and her blog “Traumlektuere”. In these interviews, we have described the story behind the idea and why we are obsessed with lucid dreaming.

Have fun reading and happy lucid dreaming ;-)


Peter and Joachim

Project Timeline

Apr 19, 2017

Project Launched

Jul 01, 2017

Building phase: designing and printing the recording setup

Jan 01, 2018

Research phase: summary of all necessary induction techniques 

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