Stretch goal funds!

Lab Note #6
Jun 03, 2014
Hi Everyone, 
I posted this information in our 'A Sweet Life' lab note, and I will expand on it more here.

We have been given an opportunity to extend our deadline by ten days to raise additional funds, based on the publishing of Leo Brown's awesome article in Since the more funds we raise will lead to better experiments and help us move the technology into clinical testing faster, we would love to keep the fundraising going. So, keep spreading the word and sharing with friends and family!

A sample budget breakdown/example of what stretch goal funds will be used for is:

1. More complex phantom models: we can experiment with more complex blood phantoms, including incorporation of modeling of other tissue types to give us a more accurate representation happens in the body

2. Real blood samples - blood is quite expensive and tricky to work with, hence our use of phantom models. However, having generated data using real blood would be fantastic, and give us greater insight into the specificity of glucose and how that signal is distinguished from other compounds

3. Engineering parts and components - we will need to update our antennas and would like to test several different ones to increase specificity of the glucose signal. Based on additional funds, we can test out more and better equipment! No surprise, this equipment is expensive.

4. Additionally, you could group use of dielectric probes and network analyzers in the engineering section; we have the opportunity to use them on a limited basis with our initial funding goals, but stretch goals would go toward making these available for additional funding models.

5. Signal processing - sifting through all this data we get from the EM system takes a lot of time (and costs). Stretch funds would be used to help us bring on an additional engineer who is an expert in DSP to help us analyze the data and ensure we get the best results possible. 

These stretch goals expand on our initial budget in that they allow us to run better, more specific tests. By testing glucose at more concentrations, with differences up to potentially 1mg/dL, this allows us to further clarify how specific and sensitive this signal is. This is crucial for getting the technology into clinical testing. Our goal is to make a difference, and the sooner we can get it into clinical testing, the better!

Here is a pie chart of the stretch budget amount. Initial stretch funds we have already raised are going toward these items!


It is an exciting time, and we would not be here without the support of all of our backers. Thank you! Together we can challenge the status quo of diabetes technologies.

Exciting stuff. We're thrilled to be doing this research.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. We love to get them and are happy to answer any questions!

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