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Lab Note #5
Jun 03, 2014
Today an article written by Leo Brown about this project and our story was published in ASweetLife.org. We are really excited to be doing this research, and at 99% with a day and half left, we are hoping to surpass our target.*  Keep spreading the word with friends and family!

Thank you again to all of our supporters, and special shout-out to Leo for creating this article!


Update 1 - We have been given an opportunity to extend our deadline by ten days to raise additional funds, based on the publishing of this article. This is a great opportunity, as surpassing our target will allow us to perform a greater number of better experiments. This means we can create more phantom models, as well as potentially use real blood (very expensive) for better results! With testing at more concentrations, this will allow us to clarify how specific and how sensitive the signal is. This is crucial for getting it into clinical testing and to the next level.

Exciting stuff! We're thrilled to be doing this research. 


Article Information:

Azurite: Attempting to Develop a Noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitor
Leo Brown | June 03, 2014 Category: Research, Type 1 | Tags: Continuous glucose monitor
See more at: http://asweetlife.org/feature/azurite-attempting-t...
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