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MyHealthEd Presentation at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Lab Note #12
Oct 23, 2015

Dear MyHealthEd Supporters,

Happy Friday! Last week, Liz had the opportunity to present our MyHealthEd work at the Happiest Place on Earth (AKA Walt Disney World)! Amidst Epcot’s Annual Wine & Food Festival, Liz attended the 2015 American School Health Association (ASHA) conference to represent our team. Her presentation was titled, “MyHealthEd: An Online Course for Transforming Sex Ed in the Classroom.” Jenny Palmer and Susanne Schmal, new MyHealthEd Advisory Board Members, attended Liz’s session as well; thanks for the support! During the presentation, session attendees checked out some of our innovative features at www.myhealthed.org/demo and suggested topics for add-on lessons to the new course we are developing.

Attendees suggested the following add-on topics:

  • Consent, relationship violence, and sexual violence prevention
  • The influence of drugs and alcohol on sexual behavior
  • Digital media and dating (e.g. sexting, porn)
  • Gender roles and gender stereotypes
  • Sexual orientation, LGBT health
  • Sex work/trafficking
  • Anatomy

We noticed that many of these topics overlap with the topics that other health educators proposed at the annual SHIFT NC conference back in May.

In the coming week, Liz will finish analyzing the qualitative data from student focus groups and health teacher interviews from our spring pilot study. On Tuesday, November 3rd, Liz will be presenting these findings at the 143rd American Public Health Association (APHA) conference in Chicago, IL. Let us know if you’ll also be at APHA!


Liz & Vichi

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