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MyHE Advisory Board Meet-ups and Progress

Lab Note #14
Feb 11, 2016

Dear MyHealthEd Supporters,

We’ve been busy these last few weeks catching up with MyHealthEd Advisory Board (MAB) Members and preparing to develop our new sex education intervention this spring. In January, Vichi flew to North Carolina and the three of us had dinner at 411 West with three of our MAB members plus Beth (our faculty Principal Investigator on this project). [Pictured below from left to right: Susanne Schmal, Liz, Susan Ennett, Beth Moracco, Vichi, Cristina, and Jenny Palmer]

This past weekend, Liz and Vichi met up in Washington D.C. for the Teach For America 25th Anniversary Summit where Vichi (pictured below, photo credit: Seth Saeugling) shared our MyHealthEd work with school systems leaders from across the country.

After, Liz and Vichi met up with Vinit (pictured below) and Liz stopped by the happy hour Steve North hosted for the Closing the Gap in Health group for TFA alumni.

In the coming weeks, we will be developing our new MyHealthEd sex education module using our lessons learned from our Spring 2015 pilot study. We plan to pilot study the short module with partner schools in Eastern North Carolina in May and June 2016. Stay tuned for more details!


Liz, Vichi & Cristina

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