Local Concrete Supplier

Lab Note #3
Mar 13, 2014

Good Afternoon Backers,

Thanks to an unnamed local concrete supplier we will be getting our recycled and crushed aggregate.

This Friday they are personally delivering two buckets of a crushed concrete that has been graded to an ASTM C 33 Concrete Sand and a 57/67 gradation. They'll also be dropping off a bucket of an ultra-fine fly ash for our experiments.

But our experiments have not started!!! We are currently are waiting on our hemp fibers and the blast-furnace slag.

If we do not have both of the product by the end of the week we intend to commence with testing.

We had originally hoped to start with the slab but we have more then enough materials to get started.

Once we get started we will be sharing the following information:

1. Geopolymer Mix Design

2. Slump, Unit Weight, Air

3. Compressive Strength

4. Flexural Strength

5. Semi-Adiabatic Temperature Curves

Thanks again for your support.


Jon and Whitney

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